Fast Carpet Cleaning in West Valley City

At Clean Green, we are a team of dedicated carpet professionals. We treat every customer’s home as if it were our own. We take pride in providing the best service possible for fast carpet cleaning in West Valley City!

Fast Carpet Cleaning in West Valley City

Did you know that our carpet dry times are the fastest in the industry? At just 4-6 hours, you can get back to your everyday activities the same day! Our patented Speed Dry system uses professional-grade blowers to dry your carpet, fast. Coupled with our soap and detergent-free cleaning, this means your carpets don’t stay wet for long! When you leave a carpet wet for too long, it begins to grow mold and mildew, and puts your home out of commission. That’s why Clean Green is the right choice to get your carpets clean, fast!

Unique Cleaning Process

We have a unique pre-spray treatment that helps to pull dirt and grease away from the fibers of your carpet. It will even remove soap residue that’s been left over from other carpet cleaners!

When we’re done, your carpets will be soft, fluffy, and chemical-free. Your family can get back to enjoying your day without worrying about harsh soaps or chemicals lying underfoot.

Most carpet cleaners use a mixture of soap and water to clean your carpet, which leaves you in danger of a ‘crunchy’ feeling carpet when they’re done. This leftover soap can attract more dirt, making spots reappear!

Our certified technicians don’t alter the water in any way, which prevents it from becoming a hazard and attracting dirt. It’s environmentally-friendly and ensures the safest, most effective cleaning possible.

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