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Let Us Take Care Of It

Cleaning tile floors by getting down on your hands and knees is not only exhausting, it's not very effective at getting deep down dirt removed. Grout is porous, so it collects dirt, oils and grease, leaving the grout and tile discolored.

Our safe, high pressure steam and grout machine extracts that dirt and grime, making your tile and grout look new again! With our perfect blend of Machine and Cleaner, we get far better results than you and your mop could ever get!


The Finishing Touches

After we clean your tile and grout, we can coat it with a sealant that helps protect your tile and grout against future spills and stains. This also helps avoid permanent stains between cleanings.

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"I was able to book an appointment for the next day. The technician arrived in the arrival window, and called when he was on his way. The pet treatment and carpet cleaning went very quickly and now the room smells wonderful instead of smelling like my monster of a cat."

— Laura S.

"Clean Green did a great job on our carpet! We had just put in the yard so we had dust and mud, and all kinds of spots before they cleaned. The carpet is just like new with no furniture marks of any kind. They also added a carpet protection for a great price. We really enjoyed their service."

— Jordan M.

"This is my first time using clean green! I am extremely impressed. Very professional and explained the whole process to me, also gave me some advice on how to protect my carpet in the long run! My carpets look and feel amazing, smells very clean and fresh! I 100% recommend, you will not be disappointed!"

— Amanda E.
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