Green Carpet Cleaning for Murray, Utah

Did you know that Clean Green offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee? No matter what, we promise you’ll be satisfied with our green carpet cleaning services! We take great care to treat your home as if it were our own, and promise to make it look its absolute best. We are proud of our dedication to customer service!

Environmentally-Friendly Methods

For both residential and commercial Murray customers, our carpet cleaning services are the best in the industry. No harsh chemicals, and no residue left behind. We don’t mix our water with hazardous soaps, and our pre-spray is citrus-based. Leftover soap in your carpet can often attract dirt and cause spots to reappear, and can make your carpets crunchy and dry. Our carpet cleaning uses:

  • Steam Cleaning
  • Clear Water
  • Citrus Pre-Spray
  • Upgraded Drying Blowers

Get Back to Your Day, Faster

Did you know our drying times are some of the fastest in the industry at just 4-6 hours? That’s because we don’t over wet carpets, and we use our upgraded blowers to extract more residue and moisture from your carpet fibers. Our pre-spray can even remove soap left behind from other cleaners! We get you back to your daily routine, fast, so your home or office isn’t stuck out of commission for an entire day – or more!

Protect Carpets from the Inside Out

In addition to cleaning your carpet, we offer a “Super Protectant” that helps create protection for your carpet fibers from the inside out. It helps to repel spills and prevent them from penetrating and causing permanent stains.

Our Super Carpet Protectant is perfect for high-traffic areas that see a lot of foot traffic, which breaks down your carpet fibers and makes them more prone to stains. With our Protectant, you can remove spills easily, even months later!

Call Clean Green today to get a free estimate on your next carpet cleaning service – you can reach us at: (801) 447-1578.

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