Sandy Utah Carpet Cleaning

It’s that time of year again to get your carpets cleaned! Clean Green offers Sandy Utah carpet cleaning which always results in quality services as well as lasting cleanliness.


Our carpet protectant services are next to none when it comes to safe, organic carpet cleaning. We make sure to exclude any harmful chemicals from our cleaning formulas. Our job is to ensure that we provide the right carpet cleaning treatment in order for your family to stay safe as well as get all of the dirt out of your carpet. We leave nothing uncleaned when it comes to your carpet.

Our organic formulas create a deep clean that will leave a fresh feel to your home or other carpeted facility. We use residue-free cleaner, meaning we do not mix our water with soap. We use fresh water to clean your carpet, leaving a clean foundation without any soapy residue to attract future dirt and grime. Our services ultimately save you money and time by cleaning your carpet as thoroughly as possible.

Prevention Services

Our premium carpet protectant is used to keep spills or other substances from bonding to your carpet fibers, thus causing staining leading to replacement. Clean Green’s signature formula has truly defied the odds of a clean carpet, making clean-ups easier, faster, and better. We have discovered the perfect, scientific ratio for carpet cleaning and prevention so that your carpet can stay in shape and look beautiful.

Receive an Estimate for Sandy Utah Carpet Cleaning

Ready to make the change in your carpet cleaning? So are we! Call us today at (801) 447-1578 for a free custom estimate concerning your carpet cleaning needs. We have the expertise as well as the customer satisfaction to give you the best Sandy Utah carpet cleaning experience. Don’t wait, get your carpet looking brand new again!

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